I consider myself to be an excellent communicator. I learned through the years that in order to be a good co-worker, good friend or good mother, I needed to communicate correctly and precisely at all times. Good communication is the key. We do not have the ability to read minds. If you are angry at someone — communicate. If you are not feeling well mentally or physically — communicate. How can one receive help if they do not communicate their needs.

Many years ago I had an issue with my father and I felt I was unable to communicate directly and chose to write a letter. It was the easy way out. It created a rift between my father and I to a point when we stopped communicating altogether. My wise sister saw what was happening and begged me to pick up the phone and communicate with my father who lived in Florida at the time. She reminded me if our dad would die, I would never forgive myself. She was right. I called him and we slowly worked out our issues. My father died a year later.

Communicating inefficiently in today’s world is proving to be a disaster. Social media is a new way to communicate. We no longer pick up the phone to clear the air. We post on Facebook, Twitter, etc… Our children no long talk to us. My son uses text when he needs my help. If I do not look at my phone for several hours, he doesn’t get my immediate response. For instance, one day he texted me and I did not approve of his “text language” which resulted in a two-way text argument which lasted the entire day. The problem with this is we both have to get the last word, resulting in an all day discussion with neither one of us willing it to end. I call this inefficient communication.

When you walk down a busy city street, how many people are looking at their phones or texting? Texting while driving.. I don’t even want to get into that; a driving hazard for sure.

Most importantly, our president needs to be taught how to communicate correctly. Using Twitter is not an appropriate way to communicate Mr. President. Speaking before you back up your words with facts is not an appropriate way to communicate Mr. President. The United States of America is slowly losing the power, respect and dignity we worked hard to achieve because of your lack of communication skills.

Sorry friends. No hugs today. I am angry and scared.


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